Commentary for Monday, March 6

cross_13347acDay Five: Monday, March 6, Matthew 4:12-25

“Here comes the kingdom of heaven!” The word I have rendered ‘here comes,’ has exercised many interpreters. Does it mean the kingdom is near, or does it mean the kingdom is present? Does it suggest a future or a present kingdom? It means both: it is on its ways, it is just about to break in, in fact it is breaking in, in some ways, as Jesus’ very words are spoken—‘here comes!’ The translation ‘here comes’ keeps the kingdom from being a static object either in heaven (is near) or on earth (is here); it protects the kingdom from the desecration of being so present it can be taken for granted and from the irrelevance of being so future it doesn’t matter… ‘Here comes the kingdom’ means the kingdom is breaking in right now through Jesus’ person and Word like a great landslide or like lightning from heaven. The kingdom is vital, alive, moving, and breaking in.” (Dale Bruner, “The Christbook”, p. 123.)