One Ton of Food with a Ton of Love

The Deacons are challenging the congregation to bring in ONE TON OF FOOD for the Jonnycake Center. We are about half way there.

The Jonnycake Center has a great need for food during the winter when people experience high heating bills and may have reduced work hours. This is a time when employers cut back the number of workers they need or eliminate seasonal jobs, making winter a time of real hardship for many. Donations to the Jonnycake Center around the holidays are wonderful but diminish afterwards. If we could bump up our contribution during this period, it would be most welcome.

Let’s show our Christian love by bringing ONE TON OF FOOD by Valentine’s Day (or shortly thereafter!) Non-perishable food only. Please place your donation on the shelves at the back of Fellowship Hall. The Deacons will weigh it and keep track of our awesome total.

Thank you in advance,
The Deacons

PS: If you are reading this and are wondering how you can afford your food, PLEASE speak with Pastor Wayne for confidential help.

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