Online Sign-up for Sunday Worship

We have resumed “in-person” worship services. We invite you to join us at 8 am and 10 am in the sanctuary.

Below is a lengthy list of the things we are doing to comply with the state guidelines to re-open houses of worship. This is called our official compliance plan. The State of RI requires that we ask you to sign-up to attend the service so that we can be sure we stay within the limited number of seats we are allowed, which is 50% of our capacity.   Click here for the online sign-up.  To sign up you will be asked to affirm that you are aware of the state guidelines and of the compliance plan put in place by Dunn’s Corners Community Church, Presbyterian (DCCCP).

RI Current Reopening Guidelines for Religious Organizations.pdf

  • See pages, 1,2 and specifically for houses of worship, page 5.

DCCCP Current Reopening Guidlines.pdf

To register for in person worship click here:  SignUp Genius Link

Signup Genius is a great tool for us to use for opening up our services within the state guidelines. But there’s been some confusion on how to register. When you click on the above link it will take you to our DCCCP page. If you scroll down look for the date you want to sign up for, click on this.  Then you’ll see an option for 8 am or 10 am services, with the number of slots that remain within our maximum of 90 per service. You’ll click on the orange box for the service you’d like to register for, and then scroll down a bit more to the green box that says submit and sign up. The next screen will allow you to enter the number of people you are attending with, your name and email. Per the state requirements, you must enter something in the question boxes stating you’ve read the Phase III guidelines and are aware of DCCCP’s compliance with the guidelines.

Hope this answers any questions and whether we’re together in person or afar, that you feel connected and the love of Christ.

You can also sign up to attend worship by calling the church office at 401-322-0655. You will be asked to affirm that you have read the information about state guidelines and our compliance as a church (see below).

With the social distancing that we are required to practice in worship, younger children might have a difficult time sitting through the service. To help with that, we will have a children’s program during the 10 am service. After the Children’s Moment and Our Lord’s Prayer, children will be directed to join our Sunday School program with Nancy Fortin.

Here is important information about our plans for compliance:   

1.      We will continue to record our sermons and music and make this available for online worship. Although we are excited to be opening again for worship “in-person”, we strongly recommend that if you have underlying health conditions you consider not attending at this time. In addition, if you have any symptoms of the virus or do not feel well, please observe the guidelines and do not attend these “in-person” services.

2.     Worship will be at 80% capacity. We have determined the capacity for our sanctuary is 250 people, meaning 80% capacity would be 200 people. The state guideline limits attendance to 200 people, so we will follow that guideline. We will not run our air conditioner during the service to avoid circulating contaminated air. If the weather permits, we will follow the state recommendation to open doors and windows to increase ventilation.

3.     Regarding social distancing and face coverings all individuals who are not part of a “family” group will need to sit three feet apart. Seating will be clearly marked in our pews to assure that we maintain proper social distancing. Masks will be required to attend our worship services. Please bring your own mask. We will have masks for anyone who shows up for the service but does not have a mask.

4.      We will comply with restrictions on choirs and singing by continuing to have worshipers wear masks and hum the hymns at this time.

5.       Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exits of the church, and there will be other hand sanitizing stations available throughout the church.

6.     We will remove all shared worship materials such as hymnals and pew bibles. The order of service and all worship instructions will be included in a printed bulletin. Worshipers will be directed to the station with the paper bulletins. They will pick up their own bulletin. When the service ends, we ask you to take the bulletin with you as you leave the sanctuary. Do not recycle your used bulletin. We have re-introduced the celebration of the Lords supper on the first Sunday of each month.

7.     Worship area will be cleaned before service, between services, and following the second service. We are going to have shortened services of no more than 45 minutes to leave adequate time between the 8 and 10 am services for cleaning. Our sexton, Luis Hernandez, will be on hand to do the cleaning.

8.       We will set up a station for you to place your offerings. Worshipers will be instructed to place their offering in the plate without touching the plate. The offering plate will then be taken to a secure room to be counted.

9.       In order to meet the guideline of having worshipers register to attend our services, we will use “sign-up” genius, an online registration tool. Please go to Sign-Up Genius,  open the link, indicate the service you wish to attend, and answer the questions that are asked.

10.     Entry and exit protocols have been established to preserve safe social distancing. You will enter through our entrance at the upper parking lot. Ushers will be in the parking lot directing you to the correct door. Upon entering there will be hand sanitizers. You will be directed to where you can get your bulletin, and then directed toward the sanctuary where ushers will guide you to your seat. Following worship, the ushers will release congregation in an orderly manner to maintain social distancing. We will all exit through the door at the front of the sanctuary by our sacristy. That exit leads to the long wheelchair ramp that will take you back to our upper parking lot. We believe this one-way flow of traffic will help us all to maintain the social distancing.

11.   During Phase III, we will not have Coffee Fellowship or any gathering activities between services.

*This information is updated as of Wednesday, May 12, 2021.