Church Governance

The church is governed by three boards: Session (Elders), Deacons and Trustees. They are elected by the congregation every year for rotating “classes.” They may serve two consecutive terms, or six years maximum, before taking a required term off.  Any church member can be elected and installed as an Elder, Deacon and Trustee.  Elders and Deacons are also ordained.

The Session
The Session of DCCCP is made up of twelve active Elders leading eight committees:  Administration, Building & Grounds, Christian Education, Membership & Evangelism, Mission, Music & Worship,  Nominating,  and Stewardship.  The committees are tasked with specific responsibilities to govern the church and organize activities.

The Board of Deacons
Deacons are elected by the congregation and ordained for service. The Deacons perform various duties for the church as well as community outreach.

Board of Trustees
Trustees are tasked by the Session with overseeing the finances of the church and oversee decisions about the physical building and other assets..  They are elected, just as the Elders and Deacons, by the congregation.

Our church is part of the Presbyterian Church, USA.  An assembly of congregations throughout the US and abroad, the PC USA functions much like our federal government. We elect its members and they decide our policies. The governing body is known as the General Assembly.

The PC USA also has a strong public mission association that DCCCP has worked closely with in the past, known as  The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program.

The Presbytery of Southern New England
The Dunn’s Corners Church is a member of the The Presbytery of Southern New England (PSNE), a grouping of Presbyterian churches located throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The PSNE maintains a webpage PSNE.ORG where up to date information can be found about our regional government.