Our History

The church started in 1944 as a Sunday School program held in the Dunn’s Corners Community House, at the intersection of Post and Langworthy Roads. Worship services there began in 1949 and by 1950 the Dunn’s Corners Community Chapel was born. In 1951 a shared pastor was hired to work between our church and our sister church, Babcock Memorial Chapel in Ashaway, RI. Also in ’51, the church was incorporated using its non-denominational name, with 50 members.

In 1954 the church began a committee to build a church on Post Road and changed it’s name to Dunn’s Corners Community Church. The current site of our church was dedicated in 1955.

In 1956 talks of affiliation began with the Presbyterian Church, USA and by the end of the year we became DCCCP. At around 1958 the Chapel-in-the-Pines was created. By late 1960 the central sanctuary was dedicated.

In 1979 the Fellowship Hall addition was dedicated and made use by the Westerly Adult Daycare Center which was originally formed in our church.

In 1985 the Memorial Garden was created and permission designated by the Westerly Town Council to bury ashes in the gardens. This period also began the church’s Easter Sunrise Services in the Memorial Garden.

1989 saw the first of two buildings moved to the grounds to expand the church. The Community House, where the church first began, was donated to the church by the Dunn’s Corners Fire Department as they were clearing the prime site at the very busy Dunn’s Corners intersection for their new firehouse. The Community House today is attached to the Fellowship Hall at the rear of the property and houses the Early Learning Center. In 1996 the church took another building donated by the original Bess Eaton Corporation, moved it from next-door, and renovated it into the Meeting House, today used for Sunday School and other youth activities.

In 2003-2005 the church organized a building committee tasked with major renovations to the buildings and created a new governmental arm of the Session called the Trustees to oversee the finances of the church. In 2004 the church dedicated a massive expansion of the sanctuary and in 2007 the church finished its renovations to the Undercroft, the basement of the sanctuary where the Kid Kare and church offices are located.

The church continues to change with ever-expanding services to the congregation and community. This is an exciting time to be part of this loving community.