Advent and Christmas Devotional

Today is Christmas Eve a joyous day to celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior! I want to send this reminder of our “Praycation” to help us continue to connect over the Christmas season through daily prayers.

The Presbyterian Church has developed a very helpful Advent and Christmas Devotional Calendar.
We are attaching that calendar to this email. There is a reading for every day of Advent, for Christmas Eve, and then for the 12 Days of Christmas, all culminating with a reading for Epiphany on January 6th of 2021, when we turn the page on the calendar and begin a new year.

I encourage you to use this devotional calendar. The weeks of Advent are marked by a word for each week, words like joy, hope, courage, and peace. As you read the brief daily passage and reflect on God’s word, take part in the “Praycation” by offering your own prayer.

To know that we are praying together as this difficult year draws to an end will be a great blessing to all. Today, I have added the final 2 links, of Christmas Eve and the 12 Days of Christmas & Epiphany for an easier viewing of the daily devotionals we started at the beginning of advent.

I pray for you to have a safe and happy holiday season, and I hope that you will join with us as we make December a rich, rewarding, and inspiring spiritual experience of “Praycation”,

With the love of Christ,

How to Join the Advent and Christmas Devotional:
There are several ways to participate in the “Praycation”, you can chose to click the first link which is a complete download of the entire season of Advent and Christmas, the second link will give you the week we are going into, this week is Christmas Week.

This is the schedule of scriptures that you can follow along with each day:
Schedule of Daily Advent and Christmas Scriptures:
Praycation Daily Scripture Schedule

Please use this link to access the Advent and Christmas Devotional for 2020:
Presbyterian Today’s Advent and Christmas Devotional 2020

These links will give you access to the individual weeks as we go through the weeks of advent.
Link to Week 1 of Advent and Christmas Devotional 2020:
Week 1 Schedule

Link to Week 2:
Week 2 Schedule

Link to Week 3:
Week 3 Schedule

Link to Week 4:
Week 4 Schedule

Link to Christmas Eve:
Christmas Eve Link

Link to the 12 Days of Christmas & Epiphany:
12 Days of Christmas & Epiphany Link

I encourage you to explore the links provided as there is a lot of extra content and pictures to accompany your Advent and Christmas journey thru prayer.