Family Housing Support

Family Housing Support (FHS) strives to sustain three emergency apartments and navigate HUD budget changes.
The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless clearly states on their web page under solutions for Homelessness, “We know what works to prevent and end homelessness. Years of research and evaluation have shown which programs are most effective and which approaches work. We know that a targeted, comprehensive solution is more cost effective and will have better results than temporary fixes. We know we must commit to a continuum of affordable housing and homeless prevention programs. We know that we must shift fundamentally from a focus on providing temporary shelter to a focus on providing stable, affordable housing.”
When FHS has a new family in the apartments, they see this family though to a permanent home that is sustainable. While FHS is a privately funded organization, the organizations that FHS works with to find housing are mostly government funded and are definitely affected by the changes in the budget. This will affect how long the family stays in the apartment and the solutions may take longer.
This is just one more reason why coming to the pancake breakfasts and supporting FHS is so important. We are actively staying informed. Washington County is the ONLY county that does not have housing for children. The transition to a Providence Homeless Shelter for a child is not necessary. Thank you to a Community that cares. 35 children have already been helped!

Come and enjoy a pancake breakfast 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the following locations:

1st Saturday of every month at the Cross Mills Baptist Church, 4403 Old Post Road, Charlestown.
2nd Saturday of every month at Dunn’s Corners Church, Fellowship Hall.
3rd Saturday of every month at Babcock Presbyterian Church, 25 Maxson Street, Ashaway.

Please make all donation checks to: Dunn’s Corner Community Church Memo Line: Family Housing Support