Ghana Youth Trip


Next Summer the DCCCP Teen Team will embark on a ten-day service trip to Kasoa, Ghana with STAR SERVICE & STUDY ABROAD. Ghana has special meaning due in part to the history of many Africans being brought to America through slave trades that originated in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Twenty -two members of our congregation will make the trip with our youth leader, Michael Walton. Leading up to this exciting experience we will share testimonials of those who will be attending. We hope that you will find them encouraging and inspiring. Thank you for your support! (Click here to donate).

Natalie G., age 13 “Going to Ghana is going to be a life altering experience. We will create connections with youth groups there, so we can continue to stay in touch and create bonds with others. Our hope is for our youth group to be able to go back and revisit the great people we meet.

Although many think that Africa and most third world countries are dangerous, the people there all have the right mindset. America is so industry- and economics- based, our mindset is twisted into thinking about money and getting the latest shoes or clothes. I’m hoping to meet some amazing people who can teach and show me things I’ve never known. The idea of truly being immersed into another culture is really exciting. Stepping out of my comfort zone will show me just how strong I am. Seeking discomfort—that’s what going to Ghana is to me.

I’m excited to be doing unusual things/adventures, meeting new people, learning new cultural traditions, and helping where we can. Overall, going to Ghana will be both culturally immersive and eye opening.”

Richie B., age 19 “Traveling to Ghana next summer will be my first time ever leaving this country. For nearly 20 years, my entire world view has been predicated on the culture and experiences of America’s east coast. I wholly expect our trip to Ghana to completely shatter this in a positive way. Traveling to a new continent with such a succinct purpose to help out others while broadening my cultural horizons has been something I’ve anticipated since Michael Walton returned from his initial trip to Ghana.

Every aspect seems perfectly formulated to encapsulate everything I could want to do in a trip abroad. There’s the service aspect of the trip that will literally allow us to leave Ghana a better place then we found it: the built-in class time to learn about Ghana that the average traveler would never receive. Of course, there are more “touristy” excursions that we’ll go on too, but they will also double as doses of Ghanaian culture. The unprecedented opportunity of this trip has even inspired me to initiate my own side project. In addition to our already extensive plans, I’m looking to expand my film-making skills and make a documentary of our trip.”