Refugee Resettlement

The mission committee helped to sponsor a refugee family through Dorcas International. A family from Syria, a husband, wife and their adult son,  arrived in Providence on July 28th.

A list of items needed for the apartment was created on using their registry service. Everything was purchased!  We brought everything to the apartment, cleaned, unpacked, made beds, and generally got it ready for the family to move in.

Thank you, to all of you who helped make this happen, from Keisha Straughan, who leads our Mission Committee, to the entire committee, anyone else who jumped in and all of you who donated all the items needed to make this happen. Especially, thank you to this group pictured below who got all this done in a 3rd floor apartment on a hot summer day in Providence. This family is sure to feel welcome and loved.  Our church does great things! Excellent job everyone!

Thank you for your support.  Here is a slideshow of the day we prepared the apartment:

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