Sew Good Souls

Our mission Sew Good Souls brings our hands and hearts together in Rhode Island, allowing us to reach people around the globe.

In past years we have focused on several national and international projects including: 

Dress a Girl Around the World (DAG)

We make sundresses that will be sent, through various mission projects to those in need.  DAG is a program within Hope 4 Women International that has been serving women and girls at risk since 2008. 

Quilts without Borders





We make quilts for adults and children in need, especially orphans living in under-served areas of the world where the warmth of a quilt is needed at night. More than 153 million children in the world today have lost one or both parents. Quilts Without Borders has delivered thousands of quilts in America and around the world

Whether you sew or not, we hope you can join us at one or more of our workshops. Many hands will be needed to get our mission moving.

Please contact our leader Lois Gardner for more information.