Practicing our faith through the times of the Coronavirus

Day 18, March 31, 2020


             Rhode Island is a very small state, and yet because so much of our state is along the water, we have some 30 lighthouses. Built between 1749 and 1962, these lighthouses are in varied locations and each one is unique. The Beavertail Lighthouse is in Jamestown, there is a North Light and a Southeast Light on Block Island. We have the Conanicut Island and Conimicut Shoal Light, the Bristol Ferry and the Brenton Reff Light, Plum Beach and Point Judith…we even have a Sassafras Point Lighthouse, and for us in Westerly, there is the beautiful Watch Hill Lighthouse. I have enjoyed parking my bicycle at Watch Hill, being mesmerized by the crashing waves at Point Judith, even exploring inside the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse. How many vessels have been protected from danger by the lighthouses? How many seafaring souls have been guided safely home?

            Many creative ideas have been born of this Coronavirus Crisis. Drive-by birthday parties, virtual concerts, posting photos of favorite scenic spots on Facebook to name a few. I heard of one suggestion that intrigued me. It was something along the lines of asking people to put a light in their window as the sun went down. I think the idea was to show solidarity in what is truly a time of darkness, an effort to let some light shine. I guess what I like about that idea is that every home that participates is literally being a Light House.

            But you do not need the physical structure of a house and you do not need the glow of a lantern, a candle, or a lamp to be a Light House. Reading up on the Lighthouses in Rhode Island I was told there are some thirty Lighthouses. I beg to differ. Just in our little community that gathers at Dunn’s Corners there are hundreds of Lighthouses. People gather at 221 Post Road to worship and then scatter throughout our state, spilling into Connecticut, and when we add in our seasonal folks we have friends from way down in Florida and all the way across our nation to California. Just our church. Imagine how many other Lighthouses are shining, illuminating our world, giving protection, offering a way to find a home, being a beacon, and providing hope.

            Jesus said to his followers, “You are the light of the world…let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:4-16 There you have it! We are Lighthouses, and Jesus wants our light to shine. And guess when light shines brightest? Of course, it is in the darkness. The Coronavirus has plunged us all into a time of deep darkness. What better time for the people of God to be Lighthouses. Thank you, dear friends, for letting your light shine.

With the love of Christ, Wayne