We are an open and affirming church, loving and welcoming all.  We strive to be God’s heart and hands in a broken world.  
All programs of the Church are open to you. We invite you to join this vibrant, loving and growing church family.


You are invited to attend an exciting Bible Conference on February 24-26 with guest speaker Dr. Andrew Dearman of Houston, Texas.

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It is our hope as a church that when others see us living out our life of faith that they would see Christ in us, in our words, our actions, our care, our concern.  It is our hope that people will see Christ at work in our lives and say, “See how they love each other.”

Together we have been called to a ministry that touches every age, every stage, and every life. What a gift that God has called us together to be His Church at such a time as this!


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