Dunns Corners Community Church Presbyterian is a mission-driven community of friends, called to be God’s hands, hearts and voices here on earth. All programs of the Church are open to you. We invite you to join this loving, vibrant and growing congregation.

This Sunday our Gospel Lesson is from John 13. Three times within the space of just a few verses, our Lord Jesus tells us to love one another. Three times he tells us. It is a sign of how important loving one another is that Jesus would give it such emphasis.

It is our hope as a church that when others see us living out our life of faith that they would see Christ in us, in our words, our actions, our care, our concern.  It is our hope that people will see Christ at work in our lives and say, “See how they love each other.” What a blessing it is to share with you this high calling.


    • Six Weeks Wednesday Evening Bible Study
      Pastor Wayne Eberly is leading a study on the Psalms every Wednesday at 7pm in the Choir Room. The classes will be held through Wednesday, May 18th.
    • Tuesday Morning Bible Study
      Rev. Julia Fuller is leading a study on Tuesday mornings at 9am thru Tuesday, May 3 . She is examining the story of the crucifixion and comparing the accounts given in each of the four Gospels. Each Gospel writer had a different idea about who Jesus was and a different “audience” in mind when they wrote about the death of Jesus.

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“Anxiety in the heart of a person weighs them down, but a kind word makes them glad.” (Proverbs 12:25)
There are plenty of reasons to be anxious in the world in which we live. The promise of the Bible is that a kind word brings gladness. It is a promise proved true time and time again in our daily lives. May we be ones who take time to share the kind words of God’s goodness and grace with those we meet.

THE ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT was a lot of fun. Thank you to all the volunteers and candy donors! Here are two videos from the day:

Together we have been called to a ministry that touches every age, every stage, and every life. What a gift that God has called us together to be His Church at such a time as this!


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May we all live our days with grateful hearts, celebrating the gift of life,

and worshiping the One who has given us this precious gift.