Recorded Worship & Sermons

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06-16-2024 Planting Seeds – Rev Dr Mobby Larson      Worship Video

06-09-2024 Re-defining Family – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

06-02-2024 Lifestyle Evangelism – Rev Virginia Courtney      Worship Video

05-26-2024 Born to Give Us Second Birth – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

05-19-2024 The Day the Heavens Burst Open – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

05-12-2024 A Marriage Made in Heaven – Bob Rieger      Worship Video

05-05-2024 Choose Joy – Rev Joan Priest       Worship Video

04-28-2024 A Branch on a Vine or a Stick in the Mud – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

04-21-2024 Qualities of a True Shepherd – Rev Dr Burkhard Weber       Worship Video

04-14-2024 Living Witnesses – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

04-07-2024 Let’s go for a walk – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

03-31-2024 Still Rolling Stones – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

03-29-2024 Good Friday Service      Worship Video

03-24-2024 Shouting Stones – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

03-17-2024 Rise Up! – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

01-10-2024 God’s Loving Heart – Rachel Pierson      Worship Video

03-03-2024 The Secrets We Keep – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

02-25-2024 Beyond Words: Love in Action and Truth – Michael Walton      Worship Video

02-18-2024 Temptations in the Garden, Temptations in the Wilderness – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

02-14-2024 Ash Wednesday Service      Worship Video

02-11-2024 Visions on a Mountaintop – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

02-04-2024 Lifted into Healing – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

01-28-2024 What Is This – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

01-21-2024 A Whale of a Tale – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

01-14-2024 Come and See – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

01-07-2024 The Baptism of Jesus, A Transformative Encounter – Andrew McCauley-Wallace      Worship Video

12-31-2023 Time Passages – Bob Rieger      Worship Video

12-24-2023 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service       Worship Video

12-24-2023 Love Has Come – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

12-17-2023 What Should We Do – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

12-10-2023 A Little Patience – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

12-03-2023 A New Vision Hope – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

11-26-2023 A Jubilation for the Shepherd – Tina Chapman      Worship Video

11-19-2023 God-Given Gifts – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

11-12-2023 Everyone Loves a Wedding – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

11-05-2023 Leaving a Legacy – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

10-29-2023 Having an Attitude of Gratitude – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

10-22-2023 You Don’t Even Know Me – Rev Dr Mobby Larson      Worship Video

10-15-2023 Excuses, Excuses – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

10-08-2023 Those Wicked Tenants – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

10-01-2023 Who Gives Us the Authority? – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

09-24-2023 Why the Self-Righteous Grumble? – Rev Burkhard Weber      Worship Video

09-17-2023 The Power of Forgiveness – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

09-10-2023 Following the Light – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

09-03-2023 Follow the Leader – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

08-27-2023 Who’s Laughing Now – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

08-20-2023 Bound and Determined – Rev Joan Priest – 8 am
                      In Joy – Youth Testimonials      Worship Video – 10 am

08-13-2023 Jesus is the God of AND – Dr Mary Slattery      Worship Video

08-06-2023 Welcome to Hotel Compassion – Rev Joan Priest       Worship Video

07-30-2023 Growing Hope – Rev Burkhard Weber      Worship Video

07-23-2023 The Joy in Being Found – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

07-16-2023 God the Foolish Farmer – Rev Joan Priest       Worship Video

07-09-2023 Things are all Abuzz – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

07-02-2023 Can you Hear the Bells? – Bob Rieger      Worship Video

06-25-2023 To Be Known – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

06-18-2023 Kill the Fatted Calf – Rev Christine Caton      Worship Video

06-11-2023 The Time in Between – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

06-04-2023 The Road to Hope – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

05-28-2023 Just Be Open – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

05-21-2023 That All May be One – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

05-14-2023 We’re Here to Pump You Up – Andrew McCauley-Wallace      Worship Video

05-07-2023 What is Truth? – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

04-30-2023 God is Not Done Yet – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

04-23-2023 Burning Hearts – Rev Cristine Caton      Worship Video

04-16-2023 No Doubt About It – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

04-09-2023 Beyond Bunnies and Jellybeans – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

04-06-2023 Maundy Thursday      Worship Video

04-02-2023 A Cheering, Chanting, Dizzy Crowd – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

03-26-2023 Reflections on Justice – Bob Rieger      Worship Video

03-19-2023 Challenging the Status Quo – Dr Mary Slattery      Worship Video

03-12-2023 Your Daily Living Water Requirement – Tina Chapman      Worship Video

03-05-2023 Blessings and New Beginnings – Rev Shannan R Vance-Ocampo      Worship Video

02-26-2023 From Darkness into Light – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

02-19-2023 Transfigured/Transformed – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

02-12-2023 The Chaplain Looks at Sixty – Chaplain Mark Porizky      Worship Video

02-05-2023 Salt of the Earth People – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

01-29-2023 Then You Will Shine      Worship Video – 8 am      Worship Video – 10 am

01-22-2023 Be Stong and Courageous      Worship Video

01-15-2023 Overcoming Adversity – Teen Testimonies      Worship Video

01-08-2023 Still Here      Worship Video

01-01-2023 The Beautiful Shore      Worship Video

12-25-2022 Jesus Went…      Worship Video

Christmas Eve 2022 “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care”      Worship Video

12-18-2022 A Long, Long Time Ago      Worship Video

12-11-2022 Be Strong and Do Not Fear      Worship Video

12-04-2022 The Righteous Judge      Worship Video

11-27-2022 When Swords Become Plowshares      Worship Video

11-20-2022 Sing to the Lord with a Grateful Heart      Worship Video

11-13-2022 In Season and Out       Worship Video

11-06-2022 A Friend      Worship Video

10-30-2022 Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart      Worship Video

10-23-2022 God is Able      Worship Video

10-16-2022 Such a Time as This      Worship Video

10-09-2022 Rebuilding      Worship Video

10-02-2022 A Time to Dance      Worship Video

09-25-2022 We’re All in this Together      Worship Video

09-18-2022 All Kids are Our Kids      Worship Video

09-11-2022 The Open Door      Worship Video

09-04-2022 In the Hands of the Potter – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

08-28-2022 Humble Judgement – Rev Dale Green       Worship Video

08-21-2022 So Far as it Depends on Us – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

08-14-2022 Faith and Race Set Before Us – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

08-07-2022 Where is your Treasure? – Rev Julia Fuller      Worship Video

07-31-2022 Do Unto Others, Love thy Neighbor – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

07-24-2022 Teach Us to Pray – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

07-17-2022 Healing Body and Soul – Rev Burkhard Weber      Worship Video

07-10-2022 Driving Out Demons – Rev Burkhard Weber      Worship Video

07-03-2022 The Work of the Lord – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

06-26-2022 Live by the Spirit – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

06-19-2022 Children of God – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

06-12-2022 That You are Mindful of Us – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

06-05-2022 Like Tongues of Fire – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

05-29-2022 A Transformed Living Sacrifice – Rev Dale Green      Worship Video

05-22-2022 I will sing to the Lord      Worship Video

05-15-2022 Forget Not All His Benefits      Worship Video

05-8-2022 When the Essential Worker is stuck in Israel – Chaplain Mark Porizky      Worship Video

05-1-2022 Getting a Second Chance – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

04-24-2022 Empty      Worship Video

04-17-2022 Easter – Go Fish      Worship Video

04-15-2022 Good Friday – Behold the Darkness      Worship Video

04-10-2022 Bow Down      Worship Video

04-03-2022 One Thing I Do Know      Worship Video – Complete Version

03-27-2022 Turning Stones to Bread      Worship Video

03-20-2022 Who is My Neighbor? – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

03-13-2022 Grasping the Love of Christ      Worship Video

03-06-2022 he couldn’t walk without Jesus      Worship Video

Ash Wednesday      Worship Video

02-27-2022 Cana Revisited      Worship Video

02-20-2022 The Savior of the World      Worship Video

02-13-2022 For God so loved the world.      Worship Video

02-06-2022 Zeal for Your House      Worship Video

01-30-2022 God saved the best      Worship Video

01-23-2022 Come and See      Worship Video

01-16-2022 On Gratitude – Chaplain Mark Porizky      Worship Video
Recording issues – no sound first 38 minutes.

01-09-2022 The Man Who was Not the Messiah      Worship Video

01-02-2022 Here I am      Worship Video

12-26-2021 Love      Worship Video

12-24-2021 In This Very Room      Christmas Eve 5pm Video      Christmas Eve 10pm Video

12-19-2021 Overflowing with Love      Worship Video

12-12-2021 Overflowing with Joy      Worship Video

12-5-2021 Overflowing with Peace – Rev Joan Priest      Worship Video

11-28-2021 Overflowing with Hope      Worship Video

11-21-2021 When a Patch Won’t Do      Worship Video

11-14-2021 Overflowing with Honor      Worship Video

11-7-2021 Overflowing with Gratitude      Worship Video

10-31-2021 Overflowing with Remembrance      Worship Video

10-24-2021 Overflowing with Poverty      Worship Video

10-17-2021 On Needing to See… – Chaplain Mark Porizky      Worship Video

10-10-2021 On Choices – Chaplain Mark Porizky      Worship Video

10-03-2021 Overflowing with Bread      Worship Video

09-26-2021 Overflowing with Money      Worship Video

09-19-2021 Overflowing with Forgiveness      Worship Video
(Some gaps in recording due to technical issues)

09-12-2021 Blessing      Worship Video

09-05-2021 Wonder      Worship Video

8-29-2021 Clean and Unclean Hearts – Burkhard Weber      Worship Video

8-22-2021 Overflowing with Goodness      Worship Video

08-15-2021 The Dancing Queen     Worship Video

08-08-2021 The Lifesaving Station      Worship Video

08-01-2021 Ted Glasson – Nothing      Worship Video

07-25-2021 Your Heart on Your Sleeve      Worship Video

07-18-2021 Sheep with a Shepherd      Worship Video

07-11-2021 Our Extravagant God      Worship Video

7-4-2021 Someone to Help      Worship Video

06-27-2021 Hear the Good News of Salvation      Worship Video   Worship Video (part2)

06-20-2021 A Father’s Day Message      Worship Video

06-13-2021 Transformation      Worship Video

06-06-2021 Sincere Faith – Michael Walton      Worship Video

05-30-2021 Serving Those in Need within Our Local Community – Lee Eastbourne      Worship Video

05-23-2021 He Made Our Heart His Home      Worship Video

05-16-2021 Barnabas      Worship Video

05-09-2021 Partners in Faith; Dorcas      Worship Video

05-02-2021 It’s Who You Know      8:00 Worship Video      10:00 Worship Video

04-25-2021 A Shared Belief in Resilience – Tina Chapman       Worship Video

04-18-2021 Five Smooth Stones      Worship Video

04-11-2021 The Lord Looks at the Heart      Worship Video

04-04-2021 Roll Call Easter Sunday      Worship Video

Good Friday       Worship Video

Maundy Thursday       Worship Video

03-28-2021 Palm Sunday, the Prophets      Worship Video

03-21-2021 Ebenezer      Worship Video

03-14-2021 Samson      Worship Video

03-07-2021 Gideon      Worship Video

2-28-2021 Joshua      Worship Video

02-21-2021 places you’ll go final      Worship Video

02-17-2021 Ash Wednesday dust and clay      Worship Video

02-14-2021 Caleb      Worship Video

02-07-2021 Aaron and Hur      Worship Video

01-31-2021 Shiphrah and Puah      Worship Video

01-24-2021 Moses leading a people forward who keep looking back      Worship Video

01-17-2021 Joseph when you hit rock bottom      Worship Video

01-10-2021 God made Sarah laugh      Worship Video

01-03-2021 Godspeed      Worship Video

12-27-2020 God will devise a way      Worship Video

12-24-2020 Christmas Eve 2020      Worship Video

12-20-2020 Unto us a child is born      Worship Video

12-13-2020 A king size bed      Worship Video

12-6-2020 Courage, friends, courage Burkhard Weber      Worship Video

11-29-2020 Daring to Hope – Joan Priest      Worship Video

11_22_2020_Invitation_to_be_kind…      Worship Video

11-15-2020 Jubilee comes to life in the early church      Worship Video

11-8-2020      Rebroadcast of Past Services

11-01-2020 Jesus and the Jubilee      Worship Video   

10-25-2020 Reconciled and Restored      Worship Video       

10-18-2020 A Sabbath Campfire      Worship Video

10-11-2020 Remembered by the Sabbath      Worship Video

10-04-2020 The Inalienable Right of Belonging      Worship Video

09-27-2020 Sound the Trumpets

09-20-2020 A generous God      Worship Video

09-13-2020 Entertaining Angels       Worship Video

09-6-2020 Lamenting in Praise BOLD      Worship Video

08-30-2020 The Word Became Flesh      Worship Video

08-23-2020 I Know Who You Are      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

08-16-2020 Paying It Forward      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

08-09-2020 The Wind, Waves, and the Word      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

08-02-2020 Satisfied      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-26-2020 Treasure      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-19-2020 Still Here      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-12-2020 Good Soil      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-05-2020 Then I Made You      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-28-2020 O Little Town of Bethlehem      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-21-2020 From Testing to Trusting      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-14-2020 The Workers Are Working      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-07-2020 Before You Go      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-31-2020 He Made Our Heart His Home      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-24-2020 Witnesses with Power      Prelude      Video      Podcast

05-17-2020 A Vital Relationship      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-10-2020 His Heart Went Out to Her      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-03-2020 He Knows His Sheep by Name      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

04-26-2020 Words Were Spoken, Bread Was Broken     Prelude   Video     Anthem      Podcast

04-19-2020 Nailed It, The Faith of Thomas      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

04-12-2020 Easter, But Wait There’s More      Video  Podcast  Prelude  Anthem  Postlude

04-05-2020 King of the Jews          Video      Podcast      Anthem

03-29-2020 Can These Bones Live?      Video      Podcast

03-22-2020 A Shepherd’s Song       Video      Podcast

03-15-2020 From Testing to Trusting

03-08-2020 God So Loved This World

03-01-2020 Worship the Lord Your God

02-23-2020 This Is My Son

02-16-2020 Choose Life

02-02-2020 Blessings of the King Podcast Anthem

01-26-2020 A Light Has Dawned Podcast Anthem Prelude

01-19-2020 The Lamb of God Podcast

01-12-2020 A Voice from Heaven Podcast

01-05-2020 The Word Became Flesh Podcast