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09-13-2020 Entertaining Angels       Worship

09-6-2020 Lamenting in Praise BOLD      Worship

08-30-2020 The Word Became Flesh      Worship

08-23-2020 I Know Who You Are      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

08-16-2020 Paying It Forward      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

08-09-2020 The Wind, Waves, and the Word      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

08-02-2020 Satisfied      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-26-2020 Treasure      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-19-2020 Still Here      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-12-2020 Good Soil      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

07-05-2020 Then I Made You      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-28-2020 O Little Town of Bethlehem      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-21-2020 From Testing to Trusting      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-14-2020 The Workers Are Working      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Postlude      Podcast

06-07-2020 Before You Go      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-31-2020 He Made Our Heart His Home      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-24-2020 Witnesses with Power      Prelude      Video      Podcast

05-17-2020 A Vital Relationship      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-10-2020 His Heart Went Out to Her      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

05-03-2020 He Knows His Sheep by Name      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

04-26-2020 Words Were Spoken, Bread Was Broken     Prelude   Video     Anthem      Podcast

04-19-2020 Nailed It, The Faith of Thomas      Prelude      Video      Anthem      Podcast

04-12-2020 Easter, But Wait There’s More      Video  Podcast  Prelude  Anthem  Postlude

04-05-2020 King of the Jews          Video      Podcast      Anthem

03-29-2020 Can These Bones Live?      Video      Podcast

03-22-2020 A Shepherd’s Song       Video      Podcast

03-15-2020 From Testing to Trusting

03-08-2020 God So Loved This World

03-01-2020 Worship the Lord Your God

02-23-2020 This Is My Son

02-16-2020 Choose Life

02-02-2020 Blessings of the King Podcast Anthem

01-26-2020 A Light Has Dawned Podcast Anthem Prelude

01-19-2020 The Lamb of God Podcast

01-12-2020 A Voice from Heaven Podcast

01-05-2020 The Word Became Flesh Podcast